Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

If you are invoicing customers on 30, 60 or 90 day terms, it can sometimes be problematic for cash flow.  If any of those customers happen to be not the most reliable when it comes to paying their bills, that can make it even worse.  Invoice financing is a great way to lessen this problem so you have access to money you’re owned as soon as you invoice for it rather than having to wait for your customers to pay.


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How Invoice Financing Works

Invoice factoring companies pay a percentage of each invoice you raise immediately and the rest of it when they collect the money from your debtors on your behalf.  They do this for a small percentage fee, of course, but it means you get access to money you are owed, keep your cash flow flowing and are saved the time and unpleasantness of chasing payments.  Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from this service and we deal with lenders who can accommodate any business that invoices other businesses no matter how small their turnover.

Some invoicing factoring companies only factor all a company’s invoices whereas others offer spot factoring or factoring for small sections of a company’s invoices or even individual invoices.  There are also invoice factoring providers who only deal with companies with a turnover above a certain amount and they all charge slightly different percentages.  Talk to us about your business and your needs and we can find the best invoice factoring option for you to save you time and money.

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