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Any business who provides goods or services to other businesses and issues invoices can have access to invoice financing. The invoice finance company give you a percentage of your invoiced amounts when you issue the invoices and you pay it back when you receive payment from your customers. They charge a small percentage of the invoice as a fee for this service but you have the benefit of instant access to money owed without needing to wait for the customer to pay.

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Because we have access to a wide range of invoice finance companies, we can find the most appropriate one for you as the various companies have different terms and rates. Some will only lend to companies with a turnover above a certain rate and some will only finance the entirety of the invoices you raise whereas others will provide selective invoice finance if you only need this service on one or a few of your invoices. To save you the time and hassle of finding out which company offers which service, we can find out exactly what you need and present you with the best solution for your business.

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