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Whether you are starting a brand new company that needs to buy all the equipment it will need to function or an established business looking to replace old equipment or diversify with new equipment, we can find the best funding solution for you.

Finance leases are a great option for lots of businesses as they offer flexibility and negate the need for a large deposit.  Even brand new businesses can be eligible, subject to a few conditions, so it is always worth speaking to us to see if we can help you get your business off the ground.  It isn’t just tangible assets that are covered either.  Equipment finance is also available for intangible things like software and subscriptions from some lenders as is equipment that isn’t necessarily used to make money in your business such as office furniture and security systems.

We package each application individually to give you the best chance of being accepted by the leasing companies whether you are looking for a relatively small amount of finance for a single piece of equipment or a large amount for multiple items of equipment.

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Refinancing options are also available for businesses who want to release the value of their equipment and improve cash flow.  

We can provide you with leases of different lengths with various options for the end of the lease period and we can provide them for the following business needs amongst others:

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