Secured Business Loans

Secured Business Loans

Secured business loans are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, new or established, who are able to support the lend by offering residential or commercial property as security. Larger amounts of funding and longer repayment periods are available. In addition, flexible repayment options such as interest-only and seasonal payments can be provided. Secured loans are ideal for businesses who need larger sums relatively quickly, but don’t have the financial status to obtain an unsecured option.

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How does it work?

A lender will offer a secured business loan when residential or commercial properties with suitable equity are being provided as security.

Typical uses for a secured business loan include business purchases and start-ups. Sometimes loans will fund larger business investments. More significant projects such as refurbishments and acquisitions of larger machinery are also common uses of business loans.

At Simply Business Finance, we work on your behalf to source the most suitable secured loan for your business.

Secured Loans can include the following:

  • Capital and interest repayment
  • Interest only
  • Seasonal payments
  • Low start repayment options

Simply Business Finance make the application process of a secured business loan straightforward and we will assist you right through to completion. A secured business loan can be used for any business purpose, including but not limited to; business start-up costs, paying a bill, buying stock, marketing, general cash flow, working capital and business growth.


  • Larger loan amounts – you can borrow more money with a secured loan depending on the amount of equity available in the property you are securing the loan against.
  • Longer repayment periods – loans can stretch beyond the typical 3-5 years of an unsecured loan, giving you a longer period to pay the loan back.
  • Lower repayments – as the secured loan can be paid back over a longer period, repayments can be lower and easier to budget for.
  • Availability – secured loans can be obtained to support new start and younger businesses as well as established companies.

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