Equipment Finance – When It Might Be Perfect For You

Welcome back to the Simply Business Finance blog, the second instalment of our January edition.


Last time we covered off the basics of equipment finance, so this time we thought it might be worthwhile in this edition to explain some of the most practical times for using our Equipment Finance service. If you want to refresh yourself with the ins and out’s of this effective product, head to the Equipment Finance page here.


Some of the best times to access Equipment Finance are when you’re looking to open a new facility, warehouse or office, and have a number of pieces of equipment to order for staff such as office furniture, staff room amenities and computer equipment.


What’s more, our service can even extend to include covering the often-hefty license fees for specialist software, learning portals and more, making Equipment Finance one of the most viable options for new businesses who have plans to expand quickly and bring in new staff in the near future.


Our Equipment Finance is also perfect for companies who might need to upgrade their current facilities. For example, our friends at Pier Pressure were in need of air conditioning for their quirky new escape rooms when they realised the summer heat was warming up their venue! We were able to step in and help to provide them with an effective Equipment Finance solution efficiently, meaning they did not have to wait until the entirety of their funds were directly available, and more importantly – their customers could be kept cool when the heatwas on to escape their rooms!


If you think you and your business could benefit from Simply Business Finance’s support with some Equipment Finance, why not give us a call for a no-obligation chat. You just might find we can help you find the solution you’ve been longing for, whilst keeping the application process Simple.


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