Equipment Finance – An Alternate Payment Method


Welcome back to the Simply Business Finance Blog and the first of our posts from 2020! We’re delighted to have a fresh schedule of topics to cover in the coming year, filled with information that can in turn point you in the right direction, to ensure your business thrives at the start of the new decade.


We start the year by breaking down one of our services from our extensive product listing: our Equipment Finance solutions. This service is perfect for many different businesses and can be utilised for a range of different purposes. If you follow us on our social media (and if not, why not start from here!) you may have seen us mentioning the many uses of Equipment Finance before, but just what is this service and when might it be best used?


Working with Simply Business Finance to secure effective Equipment Finance means you can secure vital resources for your business without having to pay large cash sums up front. This service covers a wide range of resources, from office supplies and furniture to software licenses and subscriptions. For larger equipment such as operating machinery and large vehicles, we have our Asset Finance solution, but for anything else, our Equipment Finance is usually a great option.


And what makes us here at Simply Business Finance such an exceptional choice as a supplier of business finance is our status as independent brokers. This means we can secure you some of the most competitive rates on the market. Why not get in touch for a completely no obligation coffee and a chat to learn a bit more about how we take the hassle of looking for business finance away from you, whilst finding you the most suitable solution, bespoke to your situation.


You can email us at or give us a call on 01273 961755. We can’t wait to work with you in to this new decade!

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