Finance Options Available To New Businesses

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As we continue our focus on new businesses and finance this month, we turn our attention to the financial opportunities available to your business during its initial period. With research indicating that 60% of small businesses close in their first 3 years of operation, just what can you do as a business owner still in their first few years of operation do to ensure you thrive in a vibrant and constantly changing marketplace? We’d like to think we have (at least part) of the answer (the other part is up to you!)

As a business finance company, we’re committed to ensuring that your path to business success is as smooth as it can be, with effective financial methods of securing all the requisite sections of your business as Simply as possible. That’s why we offer services such as our Asset and Equipment Finance packages, respectively. They aid our clients in securing necessary goods and apparatus, from smaller items such as laptops, software and office furniture that our Equipment Finance is suited to helping you secure; right through to fleet vehicles, large operating machinery and more – covered by our Asset Finance solutions.

Removing the necessity of an upfront cash sum from purchasing vital gear means that you can start working on your business in a timely manner and can organise efficient payment plans that suit your company’s needs.

For those businesses who are processing a large number of invoices from their clients, we have Invoice Factoring services that ensure you are connected to a Factoring company that can assist in providing you with your hard-earned capital efficiently.

As a new business or startup you may also require premises, and that’s something Simply Business Finance can help you to secure with our Commercial Mortgage solutions. These are structured to meet the needs of the borrower and the lender and do require some extensive underwriting and due diligence before closing, but could be the key to making sure your business can grow to match your expectations.

Of course, if you require any more clarity on the aformentioned options available to you please give us a call on 01273 961755 and for more information on starting a new business, this government webpage is particularly useful.

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